Not On Tour

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What happens when four cool kids from the center of Israel come together in energy, raw emotion, and pure heart for what they’re making? One fantastic female-fronted poppy punk rock hardcore band called Not On Tour. As diverse as the landscape on which they roam, their music reaches into all latitudes, pulling forth the equivalent of gold dust, thus they dig further and mine all territories from which the rock (and roll) shall be found within the mountain of their very selves.

Not On Tour will remind you why you got into this stuff in the first place. Imagine the film that is your youth; the excitement and intensity shared by yourself and your compatible compatriots in that most important moment of sweat-heart-lust-truth and epiphany, all beating around your squeeze club sex or head phoned blessedness or loud sung drunkenness . . . This is what Not On Tour sets upon your table. Like a pack of Ponce De Leons in search of forever fountains, but musically and for you the listener, they carry on our old battle cry with promise and the hope of eternal beginnings, instead of end.

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