The Last Chucks

the last chucks

In the winter of 1998 three underestimated diner junkies from Atlanta joined forces with the single goal of playing catchy caffeinated songs that would take rock and roll by storm and one day lead it in new and innovative directions. These subterranean intellectuals would come to be known as The Last Chucks

Fueled by coffee and cigarettes, The Last Chucks hit the studio in March of 2001 to record their powerful debut album, Zombie High, hailed as “just great punk music . . . a good CD to have” ( with “lots of up-tempo, sunny guitar playing” (Punk Planet), which has now reached the bless-ed eardrums of fans in all seven continents.

The present lineup of unmatched musicianship includes our rock and roll drumming hero, David “Goose” Bilsland, the rhythmic convergence and brute strength of Daniel Dorris on bass, and original guitar player, vocalist, writer, arranger, and musical genius, the leather jacket laureate, Mike Cammarata (The Queers, Parasites), who has sharpened the “chainsaw guitar” technique into his own blinding lightning bolt force.

The Last Chucks are currently working on songs for their sophomore album, which promises to breathe new life into an already decaying art form.

The Last Chucks: always evolving . . . heartfelt lyrics . . . pop sensibilities . . . something for everyone.

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