The Evil Eye/The Last Chucks — conjoined 7″

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split (split), v. to divide or separate from end to end or into layers.
conjoin (kƏn join’), v.t., v.i. to join together; unite; combine; associate.
This isn’t a “split” . . . it’s conjoined.

With our first 7″ release, we bring you an unlikely, but fine pairing of two rock and roll bands merging themselves into one spinning piece of colored vinyl glory. Available in both olive green/classic black half n half and olive green & bone a side/b side, these records look just as good as they sound revolving on that dusty turntable of yours.

The Evil Eye (members of Turbonegro, Caddy, The Yum Yums, Silver, Wonderfools), a new band from Oslo, Norway, blasts with a predilection for beautifully dirty melodies and catchy rock simplicity. Their knack for writing the perfect tune, combined with bridges built strong enough to get you across the Atlantic, prove to be an addiction you won’t want to kick. And the grass is just as green on the other side. The Last Chucks (members of The Queers, Parasites), veterans of the pop punk battlefield, bring hope, heartache, and revisionist principals of well-thought-out chemically tuned imbalances, which implant themselves inside your brain and set up camp for the long cold winter ahead. This is the beginning of the r/evolution.

Please, take a moment to prepare yourselves. All is not the same. As The Evil Eye and The Last Chucks are conjoined here, let their differences be appreciated as one simple unit we call a record.

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